Aeschylus: Agamemnon (Cambridge Translations from Greek Drama)

Agamemnon - Philip de May, Judith Affleck, John Harrison, Aeschylus, P.E. Easterling Agamemnon is one of the Oresteian trilogy that followed the story of Agamemnon's homecoming from the Trojan Wars and the subsequent tragedy that lead from his unfaithful wife, Clytemnestra. This play of Agamemnon concentrates on Clytemnestra, the comparison with Odysseus's wife, Penelope and the details of Agamemnon that lead to his foretold demise.Since I only read the first part of the series, I do say this book is my least favorite Greek mythology due to the obvious regression of Clytemnestra to a character worth hating. I'm certain the play would be better in Greek than in English and even much better being seen than read. Despite my obvious failure in understanding poetry, I am not averse to poetic form of literature but reading this does bores me. There are things that are meant to be said out loud, drama like this deserved to be seen instead of reading it. Since I'm not in a place where I could appreciate Greek literature, hence I am at the disadvantage until I found the perfect translation or prefarably audible translation to accompany with the reading of the famed Orestian trilogy.