The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer UPDATE 22/3/12I thought movies is getting better with Twilight getting off the market and Hunger Games being the nicest YA adaptation I've ever seen. But they choose to make this book a movie... with Saoirse Ronan as Melanie/Wanda. you see where Max Irons character put his fist on her neck. He's doing a lot more manhandling in the book. why they choose one of latest talented actress on this earth to be this one hateful character. -----------------I've read all books by Stephanie Meyer. The Host is the first book I actually like enough to have it in hardcover. I actually preferred Midnight Sun than the rest of the twilight series. Meyer didn't realize she could switch point of views to each of the characters (until Breaking Dawn) to make her boosk more interesting and her characters more believable (I still can't stand the hype over singular characters like the Cullens)However, this book is like her Twilight proses = fan fiction-ist, Meyer writing came out as lame mediocre as ever and I doubt her editor care for it. Probably her drone too.I hate that Stephenie Meyer had a thing for weakling female character. Melanie is a strong girl on her right but actually committed suicide in the beginning of the story, frightened enough to let mindcontrol beings capture her but end up being damaged long enough to let an alien to get to her brain and then Wanda was the old soul but newbie as a human who hear voices in her head and let herself being kidnapped by Melanie and then Wanda let herself being punched and kicked by someone she or Melanie loves. Wanda herself became suicidal and she became a little lolita-ish girl at the end.I know Meyer is a mormon. But supposedly the fact that MANY people in the western hemisphere were calling MY religion to be ignorant towards woman's right (rolls eyes) and I am the one who noticed the female degradation in her writings. In Twilight, Males are seen as possessive jerks who changed his mind every several second. In The Host, if you are different (have an alien inside you) you are worth nothing even if you are a girl so we can beat you and starve you and spit on you and man handle you so much etc. And like for instance "when I say I'm sorry, you should accept me whole hearted because the voice in my head love you even when I'm hurting". The Host has potential to be a good scifi. But some of the parts in it deserved to be burned to ashes.====this is actually a reply to a thread but I paste it here since it sounded like a review to me. If you are SM's fanatic who are blind to everything else (good books for starters), you are free to flame me but it changed nothing.