Natural Evil

Natural Evil - Thea Harrison The novella started with Claudia Hunter, a war veteran, on the road and noticed a bump at the side of the road. She parked her car and found a huge dog dying and heavily injured. With a bit telekinesis, she lifted the dog to her car and continued on the road full speed and caught by a cop who later escorted her to a veterinarian. There she fought to keep the dog alive even when everyone think she should let it die. The thing is, the dog is in fact a wyr called Luis who is a peacekeeper for the Elder Races demesne and someone is intent on keeping him dead as a doornail.What I love about the book is that although the supposedly primary main issue was romance but its actually way complicated that that. Plus Claudia is actually way older than Luis, which is a nice thing since I rarely read about older female-younger male pairings. The novella mostly focused on why Luis was found tortured and injured at the side of the road and eventual mystery involving a mine and human trafficking. Claudia is an experience soldier who identified the threat that she had fallen into and took risk saving a life and risk being killed by people who wished to keep things silent. Its essentially an action novella with a strong woman and very very magnificent guy… okay… the cover is very distracting. There’s violence and a neat stand alone book so if you need something to distract yourself, the book is not a bad read if you like the book series.There are several things from the novella that might be a continuation conflict in the future novels, if you like Thea Harrison’s Elder Races books, don’t skip this book. I’m really a sucker with female characters that can shoot a gun or fight meanly.