The Queen's Army: A Tor.Com Original

The Queen's Army - Marissa Meyer Written in a few years to a few month before Scarlet, "The Queen's Army" introduce one of the anti-hero character Ze'ev "Z/Wolf" Kesley who was taken from his home and was modified to become a mutant wolf and was thrust into a pack where he suffered abuse and torment from his Alpha and his thaumaturge, Jael. After reading Scarlet, I was a bit disappointed with this short novella. There are some exposition with Z's background and how he endured being in the Queen's Army. Levana was less dramatic than her part in the major novels so if you are wanting more of her, you'll likely be in disappointment. What I really want was the duration before he eventually met up with Scarlet. As with the limited narration between the characters, the story of Z have a potential to be expanded more instead of downright predictable clone to some Paranormal Romance novels with shapeshifter in it.