Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City

Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City - Meljean Brook Mina Wentworth and The Invinsible City is a novella for the first Iron Seas series that was a continuation to Detective Inspector Mina's story and her marriage with formidable Rhys "Iron Duke" Trahearn. Months after her incident and marriage with Rhys, Mina was still ever in love with the Iron Duke despite his constant worries with the dangers her career entails. Like what a married spouse to a cop would feel, Rhys is still struggling with his protective instinct while being supportive to his wife's decisions. Juggling as a duchess and wife to a famous pirate/politician while playing as the city's crime fighter, it was another sleepless night for the infamous inspector when one of her dining guest were found murdered by a giant wheel in his home. Fast paced and engaging. The novella is another adventure for the two lovers in a world were prejudices and fear were rampant in the streets. I like that its a standalone and some of the problems between the main characters never did resolved even after they're married (as opposed to normal Happily-Ever-Afters). Unlike any other novella, reading this story doesn't feel like its a short story either. I had some misgivings with the newer books in the series but the novella jump back the the first novel's dynamic. The characterizations in some of the minor character are very well developed particularly with Anne, Scarsdale and Newberry. But Scarsdale's story arc is quite unresolved in this book, the author had hinted it will be another novella and I suppose there will be more steampunkness in store for the The Iron Seas series. Its a nice addition to the first book's epilogue, those who wanted continuation of the romance would love it as much as those who wanted more murder cases in Steampunk-era London.