Devil's Gate

Devil's Gate - Thea Harrison The blurb itself tell much about the story and since its a short novella I can hardly comment more without spoiling the story . Devil’s Gate is the Elder Races novella that narrates the story of Seremela, the medusa medical examiner that had helped the previous Elder Races characters with cases and sometimes research on something. Now she’s newly relocated to Miami where she can continue working with Carling and Rune, her days became stunted when her sister called up with a news that her unruly niece had trouble in Devil’s Gate, a town where the bad and wild prowled. Duncan Turner, Carling’s Vampyre lawyer who had helped Rune when Carling’s dying, came to helped Seremela when Carling called up about Seremela’s family issues.For me, Elder Races series are not just any ordinary PNR book series. What’s intriguing about the urban fantasy series is that most of the books are either comedy mythology, mystery and politics which masquerades as paranormal romance. If you judge the books by the cover (full of hunks by the way) you’re likely to miss out a lot from these action adverture books. The short novella actually have a lot of romance elements that the novels itself almost lacks. With the coming book about Drogos and Pia again, the novella tried it best to tie up some of its side characters stories by giving what some readers crave since the novels are more serious that it let on.The novella bring newer conflict that may be apparent in future storylines; an ancient item resurfaces, the dark fey politics strife and fragile wyr demesne. With the fifth novel coming up in five more month, the novella does manage to make me stay intrigued with the storylines and refreshed some of the books’s side character without rereading the entire series. A skill which most YA writers absolutely lacks.