Sea Lord (Children of the Sea Series #3)

Sea Lord - Virginia Kantra Sea Lord is the third book of the Children of the Sea series about Selkies. Because I thought the blurb on this book is much less predictable than the subsequent books and that the whole series can be read without depending on a linear reading, I decided to pick up the book because of the enticing plot it offered. But I was very disappointed by the middle of the book to the final climax.The book told a beginning of how the world started with the sea creatures and the fire creatures. The Selkie Lord named Conn needed a female companionship but his attention was drifted to one of his ex-Selkie's human sister where he developed an attraction to her that he offered her a way to be away from everyone.When Lucy first saw Conn, she felt flames that enveloped her body that she succumbed to his seductive ways that she was spirited away to a far off island across the Atlantic waters where she lived in his castle while they romance with one another. But Lucy only noticed that he never revealed her to anyone nor correct her status with him that every selkie in the island known her as a kept woman, to be used and thrown away. But unbeknownst by her, a dark forces threatened the safety of the island and began to rupture the relationship that blossomed between the Selkie prince and her.If only what I narrated about the novel actually delivers, the book would have suck less than the process of reading that took me to finish it. Lucy is a neglected child in her family. Having a drunkard father who seemed to depend everything on her and brothers who seem to have been neglecting her and refuse to include her into conversation does seem to make her developed into the most insecure adult woman on the island who seemed to attract the dashing selkie prince without doing anything except being mute and suspicious all the time. Despite being hinted that she was capable of things like persuasion and other magical stuff that she seemed to be unconscious about using, as a character, she is very dull and unimaginative and pretty clueless the whole time. The first sex scene is kind of like a rape and kidnapping. Some others had point out in books like the Dark Angel about certain things that is a psudo-rape sex scene but in this book, is the same level as Ombak Rindu and Nora Elena did with their male protagonist. I am quite disturbed by how Lucy was quite okay about her being used by Conn.While I was mulling about that, then come the children of fire and prophecy plot and the not-so secret about Lucy's heritage. Its just poorly executed and although I like the idea of a powerful woman, but it just get ridiculous when Lucy finally found out about her inner self thing and then Conn have this revelation when he loses her and something.It just bugs me so much that by the end of the book and later I was still bothered about the way her family treats her including Conn. Again.I just ditched the idea of trying to read the series. Its just poorly constructed and unlike the cover, Conn isn't so sexy after all when he goes all out grovelling at Lucy's feet. Why?I enjoyed stories like Ondine. But this is just too common and the plot is just too ridiculous for me and frankly, boring.