Household Stories from the Collection of the Brothers Grimm

Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm, Jacob Grimm, Lucy Crane, Walter Crane I am one of those people who kept buying classics all over and over because its cheap. But Grimms are some of the books that are hard to find in original non-children-appropriated form, for a good reason actually. I do see people still think folklore are for children. Weirdly enough, Household Stories is one of those things that you should avoid giving younger children to read.Here's the reality of what people see in children fiction, they see the sanitized version of it. Most of this book is very adult in nature which can be conveniently placed in Young Adult genre of the day. Death, violence, sex, cannibalism, pedophilia, incest, infanticide... all are inherently in these stories and these are not the full volumes of the stories that the Grimms have collected,These stories aren't meant for children, they are really meant for people to scare children. Fear is useful to create submissiveness which are still apparent in the old days. The history that gave birth to these stories doesn't lie about how different the dark age was. If you are able to read in the original book that was untranslated, it could get even more gory. Fortunately I like dark literature and it does get interesting when you interpreted the story in certain light.There are a lot of redemptive quality in the story -as in some twisted way- the stories does have morality in it. Loyal, noble, love, family, godliness. It a way that we could interpret it, it wasn't much difference with most religions themselves which support the local believe by telling stories like this. But, as usual, "history became legend and legend became myth" things. According to Grimms, the stories have story variation by region, which made the story in its core, as organic and mysterious as they would seem to be.But if you are hoping to find a book for young children because it have Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in it... please wait until they're older to know that these girls are actually barely in primary school when they have their family or someone trying to kill them. These stories are the even more darker version of ABC's "Once Upon A Time" and NBC's "Grimm", if you can't handle the show, don't give your kids these books. But even then, I don't think kids could understand it even.