Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - As much as I sort of enjoyed Divergent, reading this book made me re-evaluate my initial reaction to the series. The previous book was pretty much part character and plot driven story with some depth that even I enjoy as a light reading. But Insurgent deviate completely from its predecessor.Insurgent should be renamed as "The World According to Tris" because that was the book insisted of being.Written in first person narration without the commentary that was used to connect the two novel together in the new novel as part as the artistic decision that the author use as if expecting that her readers love each and every one of her multitude list of characters. That is one failure as a writer stamp over there. Considering the length of the book, it was ambitious to expect that much for a reader to retain the characters names let alone the lack of description that differentiate one to the other. Another thing to consider, most of them have nick names and real names that it confuses the hell out of you if you dont know which is which. With Tris as a narrator who seems to very occupied with herself and her relationship to Four/Tobias, then it does get extremely confusing when new characters kept being introduce over and over including nonsensical plot that kept revolving around the personality test world-building going on. I don't know what I read actually, all I read was Tris monologues. Considering the book is her monologue, now even that is confusing. Reading the wikipedia summary of this book doesnt even make any sense too but it gave a general idea of what happen to the story without Tris narrating. But even it was too much inconsistencies with the whole situation Tris was having.I don't want to reread Divergent since as much as I moderately like with the book. I do think Veronica is a good author but this book changed my perception on her solely because of her character Tris. And this book turned into a romance instead of dystopia. If I want two heterosexual couple kissing each other in too much description, I just open up my stacks of romance books and even racier ones. If its a gradual buildup, I wouldn't mind that much but I think it was every chapter since thats what all Tris think about which made it unbearable. Even Four suddenly turned in to brooding emotive guy which Tris go total dependent-mode towards him. So much for saying they have Dauntless trait.Another thing about this book was the excessive labels each of them had that I probably need a cheat sheet listing all of these personalities factions' traits on hand. Because of the previous events, you get a smorgasbord of all types of faction and this goes on rather repetitively. Not to mention Divergent is the smorgasbord of every factions, so instead of saying a person is complex with human emotions like normal person do which Tris essentially is, Roth instead uses her terms because its HER book. Basically left me in the middle of nowhere.Until the end of the book, I am reduced to having an extreme aversion to Tris but how can I be? She's the narrator. But I couldn't even care less about the characters, the story is really subpar, the worldbuilding is a mess, the plot is so confusing... which end up with me wanting to tear the book apart and donate every page to someone's gerbils to make a nest. Because thats what the deserving end what this book deserves.