Arrow Vol. 1 - 'Marc Guggenheim',  'Andrew Kreisberg' Arrow is a CW's action-adventure tv series based on the Marvel character Green Arrow but rehashed much like Batman Begins. Marc Guggenheim wrote this companion graphic novel to complement the first 23 episodes of the tv series. If you haven't watch the full tv series, some of the content in this book can be spoilerish and out-of-place as it is intended to be a side story of sort that was omitted out of the television run.If you followed the tv series, it also was filled with a lot of backstory but most of it was focus on Oliver's 5-years time in the Purgatory island. The novel acts as an additional bridge to the events from the show and it add more to the existing character development especially from the side characters (Laurel, her father, Ollie's family, etc). The TV focus more on what Oliver does more than it does around the characters around him. This graphic novel show how Oliver and the people close to him was affected by the events that made him 'The Vigilante' which from the season two promo, he won't be using that name either.There were a lot of vital character's story that wasn't included inside this novel and most noted Malcolm Merlyn and his backstory and a lot of the main recurring cast like Felicity, Laurel herself, a lot of the villains. So I think they're saving it for the second season. By far, I enjoy the graphic novel immensely. If you're the original Green Arrow fan who don't want to watch the tv or you only heard about the show and went through this novel, you won't get much of it as its intended to be a companion and not a graphic novelization. There's not much a tv spoiler inside this graphic novel as most of the story revolve around The Dark Archer and the Undertaking so there's not much inside this comic would spoil that for you.The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.