Fury (Otherkin, #1) - Anya Bast Apparently there's this feline shapeshifter running away from two alpha werewolf and one of them end up leaving while another went to claim her and they had a slight rendezvous and then she ran away and weeks later she's having some sexy moment with herself and the werewolf came knocking and they have sexy time and she says no and then she says yes and then they romancing together and then they have to rescue to other werewolf because he's the brother and then they have sexy time again then before the girl become Alpha Queen, she had to fight some lady werewolf and then she had to win. Yes. That's what the whole ebook consist of. But at least its free.It could be a decent paranormal romance had the characters actually interact with each other and I wished the author tell me more about the characters or even the world instead of dishing everything out so suddenly. But hey, its erotica. Everything else other than sexy time is optional. But I can't quite say about the quality of the sexy time itself. Its more a 'wham-bang' kinda attraction and then suddenly they said they've been crushing for so long that everything 'made sense'... Free stuff. Logic is optional.