Kafka - Steven T. Seagle, Stefano Gaudiano, Marco Cinello Noir like some of the usual genre fiction is a male escapist fantasy. This graphic novel didn't skimp on the atmosphere and relish under the genre in this newly reissued 80's graphic novel. Instead of being a genuine Kafka as the title, the fiction is a tale of its own and does not carry Kafka-elements at all. 'Kafka' told a story of a man struggling with his identity and in the run from the people threatening to take everything from him.Although I do enjoy noir thrillers, I hardly find myself enjoying the novel as I should. The comic-style art is raw and darkly uninviting like the noir environment it thrive and it have its cheesy predictable moments associated with man-on-the-run trope to keep up the pace while sacrificing on plot and character substance. There's hardly any speaking female characters and from the history, there were issues associated with the comic at the original publication. But the sparsity and the atmosphere explained why its being revived as a tv series which would be popular with thriller fans.In any type of fiction, I appreciate depth and characterization if plot became an issue but I don't find myself intrigued by the whole story once I figured it to be a Running Man trope with some flashbacks. I was not emotionally invested into the plot nor does it invested with me as a reader nor does it memorable besides being a noir. In whatever adaptation this book might have, I hope they would give the whole story a new lifeline and intelligence in it. The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.