Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels, #5.4) - Ilona Andrews Two words : Dwemer and Draugr. S-K-Y-R-I-MDamn, I'm obsessed about that game. So as the readers of Kate Daniels know, the authors love to include mythos into their books; this time its nordic. Which is kind of cool btw; helps with the imagery. This was a stand-alone Kate Daniels (which you can skip on read this) and its started innocently, Kate and Andrea bringing a kraken-like jellyfish back into their PI HQ, Cutting Edge, and Curran brought Kate to dinner in a korean place called Arirang. Then while they're waiting for their menu, a journeyman guy in love gave his girlfriend a necklace which gave a crackling noise and kill her off. What a bad way to start a date, I'd say. So, after 5 second or five page worthy of insta-kill two vampires on rampage (the lovebirds'), they found the necklace had stuck to the girl's neck until the girl's family came over and the mother grab the necklace and slapped it on her son's neck (right after the necklace kill her daughter, mind you). So, with the necklace got himself a fresh kill, it was now taking its moment to kill the boy, and Kate-Curran duo must go find a viking, battle a giant zombie (dont you love them?), and get a clue about why the asshole of a mother would do something like trying to kill off her 5 years old son?The book's short but pretty entertaining. I would have wanted more Kate Daniels instead of Andrea's summer book. I know Kate was happy with Curran definitively even with her daddy issue (like if-your-dad's-voldermort issue). Although I like Andrea but I dont really want to go into the ping pong love problem she and her mate have. But naturally, I'd still read their books whether I like it or not.