Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels, #4.5) - Ilona Andrews 3/8/13 : not going to re-review this. haha goodnessMagic Dreams is an urban fantasy novella for the Kate Daniels' Series which I had gotten into last year. The story is however about Dali and Jim, not Curran and Kate so somehow I can be a bit lost since there have been many novellas in between the novels. The novella was featured in an anthology Hexed which I haven't read yet, luckily.Dali Harimau is a Hindu Indonesian white weretiger who is fluent in japanese (or chinese since usually they use kanji) calligraphy and mostly familiar with Japanese yokai. Frankly, mixing cultures in this book is giving me a headache. One thing that bugs me, the story told a great lengthy detail on how she had to hide herself since she's a rare magical creature that everyone wanted a piece of her literally but ironically her last name is Harimau (Tiger), which is really an off kilter. But its fictious, I'm fine with it. Jim the feline alpha is the character that is most prominent in Kate Daniels series. In this book, he came to Dali's house for help and was cursed by something when he investigate their pack's house.I had trouble remembering Dali when I started the novella but some days ago, I had a Legend of Korra marathon and remembered Dali in one of the Kate Daniels' book when I watched the pro-bender arena scene. There's an italicised section which Dali talk to her mother in Indonesian about the situation that Jim interrupted them with "Mengapa" that I had a bit fun reading the whole scene in sinetron style - in my head, of course. At some part of the book, guess the authors confused the Asian culture but the slight things doesn't bother me much. I'm half Javanese and half Bugis Malaysian who are fluent in English and Malay and can read and understand Japanese, so in some way, Dali is a bit like me.Overall the storyline is classic of the husband-wife duo that was well-written and well-structured for a short reading. It does made me miss reading their books because the action and drama is well balanced and entertaining.Magic Dreams is a stand-alone story. Even if you skip the novella, I don't think it will highly affected the canon and main arc. Despite the pairing, the novella only hinted that Dali had more feelings for Jim than either of them let on so the book isn't a classic paranormal romance. I warn you first because it can be disappointing for those who wanted some steamy short readings.The female main character was more prominent in this novella instead of the male main character. I don't really think its a waste to read the short novella since I really like reading about smart girl who save the day. There are also some added characters and settings which might be further explained in the future series. Like Andrea and Raphael novella, I don't think the Dali/Jim pairing will end with this novella and I'd expected there will be some conflict in the future.Having this novella re-released does give some time to waste for the next month's novella, Gunmetal Magic. Kate Daniels' next novel will be out next year so I wouldn't recommend you to read the whole series in full marathon mode like I do because the wait is so painfully excruciating.