Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken This is the first book of The Dragon Kin series which consisted of the story Annwyl and Fearghus and also a novella prequel at the back about Fearghus's parent, then-Princess Rhiannon and Bercelak. There's also another story I read prior to this about Bercelak's parents which are directly associated with the plot of secondary story. Its not really confusing when you actually read the books according to the series.Before anyone could say anything about it, the book doesn't end with this one novel nor does their story ended by the sixth book. The story between Annwyl and her dragon were still a major factor through the subsequent books. 'Dragon Actually' is really just an introduction of the two character. As a rereading, I began to remember Annwyl before she claim the throne and her characterization as herself since she became a side character most of the time in the series and it doesn't help much when others narrating the story doesn't really understand how her mind work. (As most of the time, Annwyl was written as a crazy bitch with deadly mood swings)Of course, this is a paranormal romance filled with explicit erotic things that might shock new readers into her books. If you look past to that, you'll see that this book is about a fight of freedom against oppressors, dragon politics, the on-going romance between two characters (which is not insta-love as many would associated with the genre) and decent amount of gore and humor. Because dragons like to eat people and I lost count on how many people got fried, eaten or turned into a mush in both stories.Although I didn't burst into laughing fits by the rereading, but I do appreciate the humor in this book and since the story is continuous and you can get lost in the sequels, this book is a good refresher for the Dragon Kin series since by the end of the series, it have taken more darker path around the dragon politics than romance.