Manon Lescaut - Antoine François Prévost, Angela Scholar Deeply misogynist, self-centered and completely idiotic singular narration, Manon Lescaut are possibly one of the worst novel I had ever encounter in French literature. Considering, I have read a lot of Marquis de Sade book that is an accomplishment. I think this is possibly a worst definition of romanticism in history of time.What Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and Prevost's Manon Lescaut had in common was a complete joke of a first narrator and the confused definition of love between the two POV character. Its not love when you became enslaved to the person where you obsess every second in life and are blind to their faults and accepting the bullshit they do to you in the name of 'love'. On contrary, this book completely alienate a woman sorely because she's a woman with flaws while totally ignoring the rest of the judgmental and hypocrite characters. Since I read this for the Brown's Fiction of Relationship syllabus, I get the whole relationship aspect and the feelings that Prevost induce in the readers. But I can't help feeling like a feminist bitch while reading this novel because every pages of this novel is about a whiny boy worshiping a girl and is filled with constant sex metaphors and female demonization than I can't help but wanting to burn the book. (I have ebook, it got lucky). I usually tolerated explicit sexual narration and a degree of female submission but all of these high handed and moralistic value and the continued subjugation of a teenage girl is nausea inducing.I can't accept the excuse for this atrocious novel to be as it is because it was written 300 years ago in some backward 1700s when even in 21st century, women are continuously being objectified as sexual product brought to bring a man's utter misery for being a woman. Have you even open your TV or read stupid shared messages on how a woman was made to please men and how a woman have to be submissive and not shining above men and snubbed because of her gender that are non-religiously sanctioned. The issues with this novel on a woman is real and in front of us. The more we give a gentle slap on the hand about how misogynist this novel is and how I have to find the values in the mess of a monologue of a guy having a hard time trying to understand his animalistic attraction with a girl while conveniently ruin her life and his completely that he constantly blames her while being so incoherent with his feelings with her. This is ridiculous!This novel is plain perverted teenage angst except with every single page filled with sex metaphors that it became overwhelming enough that it basically clouded any plot in it. Yeah, there's murder, infidelity, "diamonds are a girl best friend" mentality and etc. Unless you can read French and want to suffer through the "woman as the fruit of evil in men" subtext, skip this book before you suffer from PTSD.