Broken - A.E. Rought "Broken" was a story about a girl who lost a love and found love in the most unlikely way. In a way, the book had done well as a retelling of Frankenstein that should appeal the YA demographic. Unfortunately this make the whole premise as predictable and technical which made the process of reading itself redundant to folks who was already familiar with the story.The book centered around Emma who was the insta-love interest for Alex, in which the story went around her mourning period, the nightmares and discovery of Alex's secret. As much as I try to be enthusiastic with the story, I don't feel the drive which made the character unique as a whole. The blurb itself was unforgiving to the story and its content. It destroys the allure around Alex Franks's role in the story.Take another Frankenstein retellings like ABC's Once Upon A Time where Dr Whale was later revealed to be the infamous Doctor and later his story was retold only that the motivation isn't about battling Death as in the original novel but to save his brother who was accidentally killed. As the story around him grew, this made him a character who was in a sense layered enough, almost human and likable. However, Broken's Frankenstein was Alex's father who Emma held in ire when he broke her hand. He have the original's Frankenstein's motivation in science but what the character lack was the build up. I do think the original Frankenstein is a sympathetic character but Broken's Frankenstein was common garden variety antagonist which made me a bit disappointed. But what made Shelley's Frankenstein compelling was the struggle within the Monster. This was rather simplified in this novel as the main focus of the book was on his love interest. In a way, Alex was reduced to being just a love interest with some technicalities. I was then continually disappointed as the story regressed into the usual female melodramatic YA caricature.I would have enjoyed the book better if the retelling was subtle and original as it own. There are already too many retellings in the market which doesn't make this version shine any better. There will be a sequel to this book that was rather intriguing than the premise of this book. I will look forward for the next book but it won't be a priority reading for me.The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.