Bound By Blood - Cynthia Eden Bound by Blood is a paranormal romance and horror I suppose concerning the war between hell on earth and the vampiress trying to save the world by offering an alliance to one of their enemy, the werewolf. Its like that saying, the enemy of my enemy is my fried. So the alpha and the vampire leader mated/married to one another, exchange blood and get rid of the random hell gates. Of course its a supernatural romance so the two just happen to fall in love with one another.I can't really be sarcastic over this considering I do enjoy the book despite how short it really is as the story do have decent vampire werewolves demon battle and there's torture and really evil demented vampires and there's loads of blood and gore. My kind of paranormal romance as I would say. There's not much to go on, there's of course the romance between the characters and their relationship with the coven and pack. Somehow it does simplify some of the things I like about Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Cole, which tell a lot for a self-published novel. For all it worth, the 99 cent is a pretty worthy investment that is really underrated. Dare I said it? I like this better than Jeaniene Frost or Christine Feehan.However, the book does have its flaws but somewhat redeemable. I really think her latest book is more an improvement in the series and this one does feel like an experiment. Whatever it maybe, she really deserve a proper traditional marketing and big publisher book deal. Give the author more advances so she could make even more longer proper-length books.