Bound In Death (Bound, #5) - Cynthia Eden Bound in Death is about a forbidden romance between a vampire and werewolf where Keira offered herself as punishment to save the life of her love, Alerac, from being killed. Due to her disobedience, she was sent off to some other part of the world and imprisoned in a box for 200 years until she was freed without a memory. When Alerac realized that he had lost his mate, he spent the rest of the two hundred years searching for her even if he have to leave trails of bodies everywhere to find her.As far as paranormal romance goes, Bound in Death kinda fit into my kind of books I like to read. Despite the female protagonist began as a Mary Sue, she began to learn more about herself, her old life, what happened to her and who her enemies is that she emerged as a quite well rounded character. Alerac on the other hand, two hundred years is a long time to be faithful to a missing girl. Got to say, that kinda tops everything. And the conflict is really good, someone betrayed, trust cautiously gained, rebuilding love from ashes, sacrifices and etc.For a moderately short novel, it does seem ambitious but for a light reading it does even more than that. I didn't even bother to read the whole series but I was able to enjoy it as it is. Besides, its always fun mixing vampire and werewolf romance together.