A Bit of Bite - Cynthia Eden As far as paranormal romance goes, "A Bit Of Bite" is packed with bite despite being barely a couple of pages. Set right in the middle of action where Ava, the sheriff of a town with its own population of supernatural is troubled by the serial cases of murder which implicated the alpha werewolf of the town, Julian, the werewolf she had a one night stand before and who Ava holding out flame for him despite everything.Due to the length, it doesn't provide a good medium for an overall character development as the romance have already started off-book and both of them are just sorting out their feelings with each other.By mixing light romance with a thriller in the midst of danger, so far the short story is enjoyable as a light reading. Already I was checking up the author's work especially her werewolves and vampire series. As far as kindle freebies go, this is one quality reading and a great introduction to the author's work.