The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa Wow... what a ride. Okay, I'm absolutely bias since I love the author and gave full stars to all of her books because she is that awesome but storytelling-wise, the book is not that bad for a vampire young adult novel.Its the story of Allison Sekemoto, an unregistered human who lived as a food scavenger for her group to survive in the harsh vampire city with its social caste and blood-slavery. One day, she found a treasure trove of food in a hoarder's basement and was heavily injured after she was ambushed by a pack of rabid, a sub-vampire blood-thirsty zombies, that burst out from the ground and saved by a vampire who offered her a second chance at life. She became a vampire and was tutored into the art of fighting and learning the ways of a vampire. Unfortunately, her maker, Kanin, was on the run from the vampires in the city and while escaping, they were forced to separate and Allison became a wanderer where she encountered a group of humans travelling toward Eden lead by Jed and his foster son, Zeke. Trying hard to control her bloodlust, she became drawn to the travelling group and finally she found her strength in her humanity by being with them.For a movie-book analogy, its a book that combine Daybreakers, Enclave, The Walking Dead and Blood The Last Vampire (anime movie) into one itty bitty shining vampire story. Somehow by saying that, its not really that original but it does combine into a story that made River Tam approve of. Its quite action packed and a dark fiction for a YA novel. I could see the adaptation would be awesome since it cant do no wrong with the paragraphs describing every details of the sword fights. Which does make me want to reach the katana in the room beside me.I had doubts when some reviewers says something about the stories were slow. Honestly, I think the story is quite linear and easy to follow. Although I had some reservation about people questioning the character and wanting her to be Asian. Honestly, I could count several pages that said something about Allison's ethnicities and personally, I found it irrelevant since Allison Sekemoto isn't a Japanese name. This does confuses me too since the book doesn't really go straight into Allison's features. But its quite fine. And I know authors doesn't do covers and its all publisher's doing. Unfortunately, with all the world building, I do find the second book need to have a lot more stuff to capture the ultimate fan-doming. As I'm already in love with the author's work these past years, I do hope the next book doesn't disappoint me.Special thanks to the publisher and for allowing me to review the ARC copy. I will get the hardcopy for the Iron Fey extra at the back.