Siegfried, tome 1 - Alex Alice Inspired by Germanic and Norse Mythology "Das Nibelungenlied" and Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold", Siegfried is a tale of a world filled with Gods, giants and creatures in the dark. It began with a gold of absolute power with an ability to be persuasive to its user and to own it, one must renounce love. Odin who didn't want to lose love, hurl the gold into the depth of the deepest river and send his daughter to guide it. But there was creatures called the Nibelungs who resides in the underworld and are renowned blacksmith. One of them is Fafnir who fell in love with Odin's daughter but she didn't love him in return until unexpectedly she fall in love with a man. Brokenhearted, Fafnir cursed his love and stole the gold. Fafnir then use the gold and shape it into an instrument of power, enslave the folks of the underworld and gorged by power he became mad while the forbidden lovers flee from the wrath of Odin and failed. But before they died, they had a son called Siegfried who was entrusted under Mime's care with the shattered sword as a reminder. Gee that did sound terribly The Hobbits and Lord Of The Ring right? The first volume carried itself magnificently as an introduction to the legendary character, Siegfried. We're introduced to an innocent boy now adopted by a blacksmith, enjoying his days playing around with the wolves except for one black alpha and grumbles about his chores amid repetitive questions of his origins. Nevertheless all his curiosity often place him at risk and mostly near death experiences, after finding life the hard way, he began to be more recluse and distant from his foster parent and began to live in the wild until he matured into a good hunter. But then living alone in the wild made him yearn for more out of life but Odin have and even bigger plan for him.A very complicated but closed storyline was all that made the series an intriguing adventure to be read. The artwork is as compelling and intuitively detailed as expected from the publisher. The writing and the story flow is as poetic as the legend itself. The atmosphere emitted from the pages gave readers the feeling of being inside the wild unforgiving nordic climes which reminiscence the Skyrim. At the end of the book, there were more freebies for fans to make this volume a collectible item on its own. Filled with more details about the author's work, interview and more artwork, its definitely a volume for fans of the author.The series has ended as its been been long published in French but only now was being translated. From the Archaia's release of the book trailer, Siegfried have been opted to become an animated movie. Despite the mediums, the graphic novel is definitely enjoyable as a whole.