Winterblaze - Kristen Callihan For a paranormal historical romance, I found this book far more enjoyable that I nearly overlook its flaws. Set in two different timeline, the time where Winston Lane fall in love with the fiery red-haired girl Poppy and a decade later where Poppy and Winston became separated after Winston a traumatic accident left him to find out that his wife isn't a demure bookseller and instead all this time she had a double life as one of the member of an underworld society that monitors supernaturals.Between the courtship and the subsequent separation, the book explore more on the secrets that these two lovers kept from each other and their eventual reconciliation in the midst of a demon bargain. The story was action packed, emotionally driven and nerve wrecking at the same time and although the story is divided, all came splendidly in the end where we grew to know these characters even more.Uniquely as its own, its hard to find any Victorian Paranormal Romance as intriguing as this book. Although I had some problems concerning the world-building around the SOS organization as I didn't start the series from the beginning but the story as a whole compensate all of this. I simply can't wait for the subsequent book where a certain GIM fall in love with a certain shapeshifter who was now betrayed and traumatized by the events in this book.