Temptation of a Proper Governess - Cathy Maxwell I find its getting harder to find enjoyable Historical Romance since I think majority authors from the sub-genre kept recycling the same characters for everything. One of the major flaw in this book came from Maxwell inability to create a good consistencies with the plot i.e a murder mystery and romance. I've read various Avon books in the past and this one lack believability.The book focus on the Micheal Severson struggle to clear his name after he was accused of a crime that he wasn't even sure he did commit. His main suspect was his former best friend, Henry because of a fight between them on the night where Micheal's mistress was killed. Micheal was convinced as Henry's father, Marquis of Elswick was the one who are completely convinced of his guilt until Micheal was proven not guilty due to the lack of evidence. Now that he was back in England, he inexplicably embroiled into a scandal when he was found kissing a governess on top of a bed. When Micheal found out that the governess was in fact Marquis of Elswick's illegitimate daughter, he demand her hand in marriage which she refused until someone tried to murder him.I find the story have its high moment but overall it was uncharacteristically bad. There are simply too many characters to focus on and at times, things are predictable and also plot convenient. As for the romance, it was an instant attraction, both Isabel and Micheal fell in lust almost in an instant. Despite them having disagreements, there's notably lack of chemistry and in span of a couple days if you minus Micheal being comatose, they get married and fell in love too quickly. The love scene is bland. There was a lot of loose plot between Isabel and all of her family which is disappointing. Not even enjoyable as a light reading.