Yours Until Dawn - Teresa Medeiros I read a bunch of Teresa Medeiros while I was in highschool and it was until recently that someone made me remember the plot in Yours Until Dawn that I choose to reread it again out of boredom.The book started by introducing Samantha Wickersham, a nurse arriving at Fairchild Park to attend to a recent war hero who became blinded and heartbroken after his fiance left him. Gabriel Fairchild is a stubborn and very proud young lord who had his sight and love robbed from him. He blamed himself deeply as he did against everyone around him. The presence of a nurse hired by his absent family who never know how to handle him had somehow hurt his feelings so he went all out like a tantrum boy and brood alone in his estate.Unlike any other historical romance, the book doesn't restrict itself according to the genre. It carried itself in a simple light-hearted way around the subject matter. Half of the book is about Sam's struggle with Gabriel's beastly ways that was mostly comedic and rather enjoyable. However, it was leading to the end of the book that things got more than a bit heated as they became trusted companions and lovers before one of them choose to leave the other for a good reason.It's an enjoyable and a tame story about love, forgiveness and trust. About how two character, one who learn from the mistake done and tries to fix it and another who learn to trust and open to more possibilities and to others.