APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. How to Publish a Book - Shawn Welch, Guy Kawasaki Due to the rising trend of self-publishing among writers and of course the monetary gain, this book discuss some of the major point for a newbie writer to break through the self-publishing hub. To put it simply, the book consist of 29 articles written by the authors to assist its reader to the reality of self-publishing. That might seem a lot but most part of the book consisted the very basic and simplified how-tos article that either screencapped from the web or written for about.com like blogs.Among all other books that a self-pub writer would need to read was a lot of detailed references on self-editing and self-publishing. All APE does was simplified almost everything that you can google on the web into one book. The other repetitive encounter I had while reading was the constant degree of narcissism by the author himself which made the book an almost memoir about how hard he had to be to write this book. Truthfully, it does feel like a university student assignment and compiled in a badly edited thesis. The brightest point in this was "How to Edit Your Book" article which the author compile a lot of relevant point for self-editing but very briefly. Then again, if you are a writer seeking for self-publishing book, if you don't have internet connectivity, then its quite fine to have this book. But to be honest, this book is a bit hooky in long term and can be irrelevant and outdated like the rest of the seasonal self-help book in the market. I kept finding the author just simplified a lot of things and screencapture almost everything as a reference. On a proper hardcopy, it might not look out of ordinary next to thick self-help books that discuss on how to use Wikipedia but in ebook form, its just plain lazy since almost all the pictures are illegible and also the self-promotion by the author is repetitive and downright annoying and filled with narcissism. If you are enamored by the idea of self-publishing and the idea of writing, you might like this book. But if you are serious about being a writer, just go back to your word processors and start pushing words and practice a lot making stories because all these promotional tactics will backfire on you if you are not a mediocre capitalist writer who want a shortcut and a quick buck and it encourage spamming too.The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.