Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs The story started great when Mercy and her stepdaughter went to some Black Friday sale and got into a car crash when Jesse asked her about the possibility of her getting with a child. Then Gabriel explained to her that one of her pack, Ben, was hurt when some gun trotting hired mercenaries crash into their house and kidnapped everyone including Adam. All these left Mercy in a tight spot by trying to protect everyone that was not kidnapped and then connecting with her mate bond to find out what happen to her husband and all. Again I am in the limbo with this series. I was a bit fine with the seventh book not being a final Mercy Thompson series because I would be more than just disappointed if it did. One of the gripes about the book began when I felt the vibe of Twilight's Breaking Dawn when Adam complained about Mercy's Volkswagen and its subsequent death and funeral. Then the psychic bond thing, the part when Mercy is filled with silver that touching Adam hurts him so much. Then for some reason the story went from comprehensible to downright messy unpredictability. Normally I don't have any problem with it, I enjoy when authors try to be unpredictable. The deus ex machina just destroyed some build ups and by the last chapter, you're reduced to wondering where does all of these go wrong.Mercy effectively turned into lame Mary Sue in the end. I kept having Twilight flashbacks and it wasn't even nice. Married life Mercy seemed to suffer absolutely no change in her attitude that Adam noted painfully dozen of times. The more I think about it, she's grown more shallow with Marsilia and Stefan and she have this complex about the world who seem to hate her. I want more Coyote. I want more Adam's narrative instead of Mercy's. I want more worldbuilding instead of a build up of the events that happened in the past. There's even a bunch of parts where the characters just talk and talk to make sense the events/plots without bothering to tie up the loose plot stuff in the middle. In fact the characters talked to each other about how bad the bad guys plots are. Its like characters themselves criticizing how dumb the author is at planning ahead and had to come up with some sort of reasonable excuse to tighten up the plot.Frost Burned is just a plain bad filler book for the 2014's installment that even I got disappointed by it. No character development, not much worldbuilding, multiple deus ex machina, multiple characters and everyone seem to come up fine except for one. How much more Briggs can squeeze out of this character anyway? The only thing I look forward to was an Asil and Marsilia fanfic since Briggs would just dump these side characters and insisted on tormenting us another year waiting for Mercy to get into trouble... again.