River Marked - Patricia Briggs This is a story about a pair of shapeshifter who fell in love, got a surprise marriage and a camping trip honeymoon and only to found out that their sponsored honeymoon is a ruse by some fae folks who wanted them to check up on a couple of runaway fae-otters and instead they found a giant river monster who likes to eat people especially little kids. Patty Briggs always like to screw us up doesn't she?Unlike several previous books in Mercy Thompson series which I enjoy but an be a bit dragging and heavy at some parts, this book is weirdly linear and intriguing. As a person who enjoys other culture, the sudden change towards Native American mythological folklore is something I had long been looking forward in the series. Especially since this is the book where Mercy found out more about her dead father than the rest of the series.In this book, we are found out what Mercy really is and how she came to be a coyote shapeshifter and other than that, we get more cute moments with Adam (which is appropriate since its their honeymoon after all) and also more folklore especially about the totem animals, the cultures, the medicine men etc. Frankly, the story is surprisingly brief but we get to see Mercy being the trouble magnet again and again the whole monster thing. There are some moment that was utterly depressing in this book and we get to see Mercy facing a difficult decision which I can sum up as the ultimate sacrifice even if it was for the greater good. In some ways, Mercy had changed a lot since the first book and even I'm not sure if its a good thing. Finally, I began to see how the series get even better as it goes on. Considering this is the second last book of the series and I began to see the premonition of a grand finale (although I had wish the book goes on beyond seven books since its a great UF). Thankfully, I waited this long to finish it since I could jump to Frost Burned now instead of waiting two years for it.