Underworld - Greg Cox I had read this years ago but I remember it quite well. This book made me want to watch the movie later (it was banned in the cinema of my country, figures)The first movie is fascinating with its casts and the body bending and twists but the book is a stand-alone book that could stand on its own. In the movie, Selene was a silent huntress who preys lycan for centuries. She was in an elite group of vampires called Death Dealers who stalks Lycans to near extinction. She was a woman with fewer words and was passionate with her work and loyal to her coven. Then there was a man called Micheal, an american doctor who was stalked by the lycans. Selene was curious enough that she managed to trace him but a lycan managed to bite Micheal before Selene could escaped with him and the rest you can watch the movie.The book was another hand provide a more depths from the characters. Selene was thoughtful and often analytical in her silence and she was often confuse with her feelings for Micheal, the human doctor with an unknown role between the wars of vampires and lycans. Nathaniel who had a short screentime but the book provide a brief detail before his death. Kraven's narcissistic obsession with Selene and his sly cunning manipulative way that he had as he controls the coven. Erika's jealousy and her desires for Kraven. Lucian with his long time grudge against the vampires. Viktor's awakening and his motives.Greg Cox provide what the movie didn't have. A detailed literature to accompany the book. An outlet that gave the reader an insight to the romance that occurred between Selene and Micheal. A medium-light reading for those who didnt like vampires who sparkles and love machine guns. Bloody gory and darkly paranormal, this is the pocket book that satisfies both female and male reader to savour the movie long enough than a mere 121 minutes.