Graceling - Kristin Cashore After seeing countless review praising this book, I really expect myself to enjoy the book but obviously it didn't happen. Graceling is about a superpower privileged lady-girl whose missions in life involved being pampered but not look-like a pampered girl who gets to use her 'power' to threaten and kill people because she didn't have back bone to say 'no'. The later part, involving her riding across continents and mooning the psychic prince next to her. Yes, obviously, I don't enjoy this book at all. Unlike its namesake, Graceling is without any grace at all. The writing is juvenile to a degree, miserably out of balance with it expositions, chronically dragging to almost abusive in nature, with terrible world-building and fail characterizations and lack of inventiveness toward the whole plot and mediocre verses. Basically, the book is a brick with no substance in it deserving of its tremendous reputation. Similarly to other average long fantasy novels with barely-there plots except without iron bikinis.Neither the whole romance nor the actual plot is moving (it have three part as if one part of the book doesn't bore you enough) which made it is extremely difficult to appreciate as a whole. Katsa can be unbearable almost all the time. She was in the middle of everything but all she does is either whining or spend paragraphs after paragraphs moaning about how difficult it was to be the almighty that she is. Katsa is basically a character bearing narcissist and psychopath personality with Bella Swan's characteristics and Kristin Stewart's barfing face mixed up in all of it. One of my ongoing dissatisfaction with this book was the absolute pointless way to push the characters into action and the issues that could be solved in matter of paragraphs and it goes on until it got blown up and then it goes extremely confusing and dragging and things never ever fall into place. It is a lost hope if you were to seek consistencies in this book when every page is virtually unmemorable. The mysteries and the plot is very subpar, the romance is predictable, the world-building is poor as the Dungeon and Dragons movies, almost all characters seem to have forgettable two syllable names, annoying main female character salivating over a prince with two letter name nickname that celebrate his beauty (?!). There are action and violence in this book but not enough to disguise the terrible storytelling that this book have.