Poison - Bridget Zinn Poison is an action adventure fantasy about Kyra, a master potioner who was on the run because of her attempt to kill the princess and she was on the mission to finish what she had started. In the duration of her journey, she will use all her cunning ways and her skills to infiltrate and track the missing princess and in the process, save the kingdom from disaster.Kyra is an interesting character to start with. Resourceful and spunky, she sailed through the story with a purpose. With the added flash backs that tells a lot about her relationship with the princess as best friends, it draws my curiosity like a moth to a flame. Add to that interesting characters like Fred, the pig, the witches, the other potioners, the princess and ogres, given to the length of the book, I think the writer wrap up the story rather well as it went away from the predictable beginning as you went to the final half of the story.Although the writing is still too juvenile to my taste, the story is still enjoyable to be read for the pre-teen age group. Earlier on, I had expected from the nature of the story it would be a Young Adult so if you are seeking a similar stories like Throne of Glass or Graceling, Poison wouldn't satisfy you especially with the quite minimal YA-themes that was associated with the genre and the limited romantic storytelling that would be a turn off to the YA crowd.At some times, 'Poison' is funny and engaging for young readers with good main female character who was bold and bright which is a stretch from the usual male-driven children books or mary-sue/special-snowflake characters that was often found these days. If you love Disney's Tangled, you'll be more likely to enjoy this book.