Scarlet - Marissa Meyer The book introduce us to one of the key character in the series which was the Little Red Riding Hood, named Scarlet. Almost like the younger version of OUAT's Ruby, she's spunky and loud and is a pilot to boot. At the start of the book, her grandmother went missing at it was during that time period where Cinder was incarcerated in New Beijing awaiting for execution. In one of her escape attempt, she crashed into an occupied cell where we met up with 'Captain' Thorne whom offered her his stolen ship if he tagged along with her. With Scarlet, her search for her grandmother lead to a tattooed clue in the name of Wolf.Seriously, I have fun. I never was a fan of stretched out romance between major characters especially with a series and I was glad that this time we're allowed character development with Scarlet and the ever mysterious Wolf. This book maximized the tension between Cinder and Kai by providing the separation and some distrust and angst over their previous relationships. It does provide a better transition for the rest of the book. There's also differences between Cinder and Scarlet so their narration never conflicted together, its a problem with these YAs when their characters becoming so similar. Which is not the case with this book. Scarlet is Fire with capital F. She's seriously stubborn girl with serious attitude. If Marie Lu's Kaede have a personification, this girl would be it. Cinder is a more brooding and conflicted version of the Cinder we knew in the previous book. Why wouldn't she be when everything happens to her so suddenly that her identity and herself is rapidly shifting. The burden of the world's fate rested on her shoulder and its not like she's prepared to just jump into the hellhole and save the world. In the name of character progression, the book lead her away from her destiny for her past and in process trying to find herself acclimatizing as a Lunarian and the power entails.It would be much nicer had Meyer revealed much about Wolf. I want a Wolf-centric novella since there's a lot of holes in his story since there's several of his POV parts in this book and I'm already guessing he had developed his feelings to Scarlet way longer than the timeline in the book where Scarlet actually interacted with him. Hint of stalker romance? maybe... but it would make sense about his side of the story.Captain Thorne reminded greatly of Han Solo. Some of the scenes in this book is like cross between Sailor Moon (not necessary the characters but the scenes with Queen Levana seriously reminded me of the Queen Beryl) and Joss Whedon's Firefly and that fight scenes in Red Riding Hood movie.Very fast paced, very padded with conflicts, more fight scene... more gory fight scene. More back story, consistent dialogues and plots gathered around properly. Remember my gripes about romance going stale in YAs? This book minimize it... except for the sexual tension between Miss Benoit and the Big Bad Wolf. It exist, I'm shocked as well. Damn.and damn... I might just remember the irony of it when I go to the BBW Aftermath sale later this month.A lot of book series suffered from second book syndrome. Scarlet is one of those rare species that escape that imminent-sound-of-death stage. If you saw this book and just meh at it, seriously, you're missing a lot of good fiction.