Rogue Rider - Larissa Ione As far as stories about "four horseman of hell" would go, I particularly inhale this series. Prior to this book, an unfortunate incident causes Reseph to become overwhelm by his demonic side, Pestilence, who are the epitome of evil. He launch a substatial demonic apocalypse around the world down to murder rape and destruction where ever he goes including his major campaign to break his brothers and sister's apocalypse seal. In the previous book, Pestilence was resealed again in Reseph but now his memory as Reseph and Pestilence was blocked and he was left in the middle of nowhere only to be found by a young woman who was living in a secluded forest away from the civilization (where the apocalypse hit the worst). Jillian came close to lose her life after a demon attack that left her traumatized but finding a naked guy in the snow is not what she had in mind. Interesting enough, I kept reminiscing season 5 and 6 Supernatural while reading this. Instead of the whole bromance happening, we get Jillian trying to rehab a broken guy who had to come to term to what he had done as Pestilence and his family hating him.I am satisfied by this book and I'm glad that I had waited this long to read Reseph's story. The subsequent storyline was a pleasant surprise at the end. As a PNR/UF book, I think Miss Ione had done great with her Deliverance series than her demonica series. Although it does carry some vibes from other UF/PNR book, I do find myself enjoying the Horsemans' books. A bit simple and rather unoriginal storyline similar to other amnesiac character romance, but it is still enjoyable rather than some other PNR trying hard to fit in the genre. But hey, its Reseph's story. Everything is forgivable.