The Prophet - Amanda Stevens As much as I enjoyed the second book, but this series delivers itself triumphantly. The only disappointment I had in the series was waiting for the next installment because it simply begging for more.While still retaining the gothic horror aura, straight out of the nightmare of her past, this time Amelia is called back to Charleston only to realize that there are far more sinister things that the town kept secret and the ghost that continues to haunt it. Emotionally drained from the events in Asher Falls, she came back almost defeated and depressed by everything only to be in Devlin's shadow and scrutiny. Again she became conflicted by her feelings to him which was intervened by the ghost of his wife. Along the line of investigative nature, Amelia was urged by a long dead ghost to find his killer. Along the way, she found trails that leads to a long buried secret.Written beautifully along the dark gothic romance atmosphere, Amanda Stevens does it again with her luscious almost descriptive words. Narrated by a haunted woman who just recently found the truth about herself, desiring the norm, she unwillingly brought back into the world of nightmare between life and death. If you love those stories and the gameplay of beautiful gothic HOG games, reading this book is almost a perfect complement to it. BTW, NBC didnt go on with the tvseries yet but they're making this series into a soap opera. Oh dear... this series is a gem like American Horror Stories (except less gore I suppose). They better not go through with the soap idea. I forbid it.