Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I really like this. Although the story progressed much slower, the mystery and intrigue was less cumbersome. The characters were familiar enough as people died earlier in the book, hence there's less character overcrowding. The book focus on the triangle love *AGAIN* between Tess, Will and Jem. But I like this better since its not a first person reading, hence its not an annoying book about this girl liking two boys from start to finish. Its more about a girl, confused with her feelings to a gentle fragile and somehow determined boy and then attracted to a guy who seem to ignore her and then like her and then... whatever. Young love. Young love. But what surprise me was the first chapter when the author revealed the extend of Will's feeling to Tess. Later it was revealed that Will was cursed by a demon when he was twelve; to have everyone he love die. With the death of his older sister, he immediately ran away from his home and become shadowhunter. Will was allowed to evolve according to the storyline and brought some insight to his character and how serious he thought about how the curse would have an effect to everyone around him. He's just a misunderstood boy.Although the cover is Jem, I had most certain that the book is all about Will. I'm such a sucker with complicated boys so as for character development, Will is definitely A+.As for the story, the book was situated neatly right after the event that leads from the death and despair at the Institute with the fresh raw betrayal from Nate Gray, Tess's brother and the investigation that attempt to uncover The Magister. As usual, some books was never that predictable. Steampunk YA romance. What not to like?