Steel's Edge -  Ilona Andrews Steel's Edge is a continuation of the Edge series by the husband and wife Andrews Urban Fantasy team. Unlike the Kate Daniels' series which are heavily focused on paranormal fantasy mystery element, Edge series have slightly more romance elements into it to keep the plot and characterization going. It started with Charlotte de Ney, a skilled healer who found out that she couldn't bear a children to her husband who immediately wanted to annul their marriage which broke her heart and nearly cause her to use her healing power to kill instead of healing. Fearing that she would be considered as an abomination, she flees to the Edge of the Weird where magical folk and parts of human world converged in a small border between the alternate worlds.I don't know how its possible, some parts in this book actually is very similar to the NaNoWriMo novel I was writing in early November and the book was out late in November. My main character have the power to kill with her touch who eventually have the power of healing since there's this power balance thing. While reading this book, I was weirded out since I was halfway in writing and then near the end of NaNoWriMo, and I recognize something when the book was explaining magical stuff. Was I a psychic to nearly have written a book that was just published later? Kinda scary. Thankfully, my story is really different than Steel's Edge despite some familiarity with the main female character. My character is full sarcastic and dark assassin, Charlotte on the other hand is elegant lady with a dark side and who become a killer after being severely traumatized. I don't depend on trying to explain disease into magical term like this book this. So.. no fear of plagiarism here. Move on.And talking about disease and magical world-building in this book, since I do learn medical stuff at university, I do get some of the stuff explained in this book especially with how Charlotte have latent viruses or bacteria inside of her and that she could infect people whichever she choose and here I was like.. "Why couldn't just say she have the ability because the genes was inside of her and that she could easily produce the disease because of the genetic codes. Like HIV virus... and that the fact that Charlotte can infect everyone with some magical wave when most disease aren't airborne unless she sneeze a lot..... but well.. thats the world-building weakness in this book which conflicted my own medical knowledge.I like that Charlotte and Richard are both lost soul who identify with each other and eventually their attraction and friendship made them a formidable couple behind destroying the slavery ring thing. It was a straightforward story which are easy to follow. We get our usual old character backs from the previous books, with an encounter with George and Jack where we see a part of their story unfolds. The content of the book heavily focus on revenge and redemption which draws to an interesting conclusion after multiple minor plots which are a bit similar to the previous book in the series.Reading this book is a leisure although sometimes it contradicted my medical study background. It would have work as a stand-alone but the series is still a continuation from the first book. Although the story is less about the romance (if its possible o_O) but the plot work around it well. As an action adventure, I enjoyed the book, it might have not won for the best UF (Kate Daniels on the other hand...) magical politics is always intriguing.