Crazy Hair - Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman Crazy Hair is one of the book that I found in Big Bad Wolf Sale which I try to get for my nephew since when he's getting older, he won't get pink fairy tale book hand-me-downs and instead a creepy Neil Gaiman book.Well, it is a given since these guys made Mirrormask. I don't know about you, it does nothing with Mirrormask's creep noir level.But it is intended to be a children's book. Very thin but rich with texture and colors that made it an interesting book for even adults to read... that or Neil Gaiman fans.Its about a guy with creepy hair that have weird things in it and that its floating from the sky. Very original and very whimsical innocent fairy-tales format like and very gender neutral. I don't think anyone would have issue in owning this book. It is hard for anyone to elicit proper emotions from lines and colours and in this McKean does wonders to the eyes. Gaiman on the other hand, contributed with interesting words along the pages as the character try to explain to his *probably* daughter about his hair and how his hair have weird things inside them. If you have weird sense of humor, for a short picture book, the story is really hilarious in wacky way.