Hesiod's Cosmos - Jenny Strauss Clay I actually took time reading this dissertation than I do with the actual Hesiod's Theogony. Not very unlike a university dissertation, this is a comprehensive literature review of the Hesiod's famous work in classical literature. I for one, being Asian, can't read Greek nor I could understand any much of certain paragraphs and it get confusing and more confusing as historical classics always do.Hesiod's Cosmos is almost like a PhD thesis. With annotation and appendices, and often providing examples and translations with the original Greek, it is a reference guide that studies the depth of Theogony and Workds and Days. Both the actual dissertation and the bottom footnotes, complements the academical style down with the full references of the article that the writer obtain.If you ever wanted more out of the classic, you should get this book instead. Richly informative, structured and at most time, convenient reference to those who need to find the hidden things inside the literature without being wayward about the whole genesis of Ancient Greek's theology. However, if you're looking for light reading, this is appropriately an academic text as the author is a professor Hence, the density of it. There are other reference guide available in the market, but an essay on Theogony by someone who is obviously an expert in the field, this is priceless even to me who is a science major.