Thorn Queen - Thorn Queen is the second Urban Fantasy book of Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead. This is actually a reread since I've followed the series for years which have ended earlier in 2012. Eugenie Markham is one of those people who unfortunately have bad things happens to her on days when she think her day job is bad enough. From the first book, it started with Eugenie receiving an assignment to find a missing sister in the other alternate world where magical creatures live and occasionally leaks into our world. The book subsequently leads to the revelation that she is one of the magical dictator's progeny and one of those who could fulfill the prophecy of giving birth another magical tyrant. Good thing is, she never intended to have kids but it was until she found out that she have a sister.The title of this book is centered around Eugenie's eventual succession of a country in the fairy world after she killed a king and usurped his power of the land. As the land followed the image of her home, it became a version of Nevada desert. By becoming a queen, she have to juggle her time and responsibility as a shaman in the human world and the politics in the faerie world. This also include trying to control her storm magic and the affection of two man, a japanese kitsune, Kiyo and King Dorian. What made this book enjoyable to me was that it have more fantasy setting than modern environment like in the Succubus series which I hated completely. By drifting in between worlds, the magical elements in this book is more pronounced and the added noirish detective element would hook you up until you sink. I enjoyed the chemistry and conflicts between the characters, the added sensual heat in the midst of suspense and death was delicious.I could understand why many have gripes about some of the characters including the main character and have problems with Richelle's consistently trying to not writing a book with predictable storylines, but I enjoyed the series thoroughly and it made me appreciate her as an adult writer than a young adult writer. There are certain ways a person could express as a writer and I think she balanced it well.