Professional Cooking, College Version - Wayne Gisslen Professional Cooking is one of the textbook I use while I was at the Food Institute and part of it include the lectures that I have gone through like the Introduction of Sanitation (condensed version of Microbiology) and Fundamentals of Food. But as a whole, the book does contain helpful guides for those who are interested in the culinary industry and some parts that includes hundreds of recipes and preparation methods. I am not fully a culinary student, I just took several diploma classes with the diploma students. For starters, this book is very basic even for those who never enter a kitchen before. There are multiple of chapters that discuss food science, microbiology of food handling and techniques including vegetable cutting, stock making and etc. The content is wealth about food from preparation to definition and although it is an academic textbook, the application is endless.But it doesn't mean the book is one shot over everything in the kitchen by just reading this book. Being a chef involved a lot of practical skills and practice. But if you are interested in furthering the career, this book would help you know terms that involve in food preparation.