The Devil's Thief (The Saint’s Devils, #1) - Samantha Kane The Devil's Thief started with a girl sneaking into a room, intending to steal a priceless string of pearl but she ended up being caught by the owner, Alasdair Sharpe. But instead of calling the police, he offered her to keep the pearls as long as she would spend a night in his bed. But he didn't really mean it and when he woke up with the elusive thief along with the pearls gone, he was in a panic and thus the search for the thief begin. That does sound like the beginning of "The Dark Night Rises" except more sex scenes with the cat burglar. Oh well, in this book, Julianna need to raise enough money to keep the foundling home for the orphans but she was too afraid to ask her stepmother for help and decided to sneak into her neighbour's house for the infamous pearls. But Alasdair caught up with her after she fenced the pearls. Soon she began to feel guilty about the whole situation but the notorious criminal who she sold the pearls to began to demand more money out of her, she began to concocted a plan to get the pearls back or lose the love of the man whom she adored greatly.Honestly, I am surprised by this book because usually these historical romance was mild with more concentration on drama. But this book is more to the erotica level. Then I realized that the author wrote books for Ellora's Cave therefore it made sense why its more steamy than your average historical romance novel. Alasdair is like the ordinary alpha male but what surprised me was how the author develop the romance between the character that started as lust. It was sweet at the end, and the story work out all around eventually and frankly quite a decent reading of the genre if you like engaging wealth of characters as it is one of the series.