Pride Mates -  Jennifer Ashley Pride Mates is about the struggle of a not so ordinary set of shapeshifter in a society that fears and condemn them. While trying to find why her client refuses to cooperate in a case where he became a prime suspect of a gruesome murder, Kim Fraser asked the help of an unconventional man to allow her to enter the elusive shifter community to investigate. She then unexpectedly found herself tangled with the lives of the people and its politics. Liam kept many thing secrets especially from the knowledge of others especially normal human beings. Most importantly, the shifters aren't what they seem. Living in a brutal system away from the public eye, the shifters were thought to be shackled but there are also those who refused to be shackled which are called feral shifters. When a feral identified Liam as a betrayer, Kim's life is in danger and so she have no choice but plunge inside the conflict of the shifter world.Its a short reading but I love the world building of this book despite being a paranormal romance. As a standalone it might not even make sense but I do enjoy the relationship between the characters and the surrounding. The undertone of this book is a mystery novel so that is what's likable about this book. I might read a couple more from this since despite the usual cliched, I do like the world-building especially with the story of how shifters being an outcast and oppressed in a society that was similar with us. It might not up to the taste of some folks but it is okay for a light reading.