Roping your Heart (Riding Tall, #2) - Cheyenne McCray Roping Your Heart is one of the contemporary series about Cat who came back to her hometown for her grandmother after years of staying away from everyone including her teenage love, Blake whom she left for a better life, away from her miserable father. Scarred from an incident with a horse and from her miserable marriage which end with the tragic lost of her daughter. She came back to her old world and seemed to never remember why she wanted to leave in the first place when she sees Blake whom she still had feelings for him again.Blake was now a divorcee and a father for his daughter Demi. Years later, Blake never seemed to hold a grudge against Cat for leaving him when they were young as he understood her need to be away from their small town and his need to stay with his family and the land. Meeting Cat again brought the undying flame within him and he intended to pursue and determined to never lose her again.I was interested with the book from the blurb given and I do enjoy some of Cheyenne contemporaries. But this book weakness was the character development between Cat and Blake. It happened and suddenly they’re onto each other again like they never separated.I do enjoy the other western Wild series that Cheyenne does, but the other series does have another focus in the story like border smuggling and law enforcement thing that provide a side story for the characters. This time, the emphasize is on drama that centered around Blake’s finding his true love again and the risk of losing his daughter’s custody. I do enjoy how that part of the story played out but Cat and Blake’s storylines itself seemed to be barren than the part about Demi.I could say I was disappointed in this book but I did enjoy the story that centered around Demi that I was still in fifty-fifty with my perception of this book. I like it but not enough for me to immerse myself with the subsequent books in the series. Its still too vanilla despite the obvious explicitness of this genre.