Lord's Fall - Thea Harrison Lord's Fall is the final installment of the Elder Races' series where the story took back to the earlier series's couple; Pia and Drogos. Due to the events in the subsequent sequel of Dragon's Bound, the lord of the Wyr were left with several of his original sentinels and the elves are becoming more hostile to Wyr demesne particularly to Drogos and as a mate to the great dragon, Pia is determined to fix the relationship with the elves while providing Drogos a chance to fill in his sentinels with a bloody gladiator-like games for a chance to serve under Drogos as one of the Sentinels. However, the trip to the Elven realms means separation of the two mated pair. In this book, Pia have been pregnant for months and because of her dampening spell, most of the Wyr were suspicious of her status as the Wyr lord's mate. Determined to prove her rank among the predators, she wanted to help Drogos with the Elven politics. As the Elves have history with her mother and respected her as the mythical creature they revere, Pia thought she was safe under the Elves' protection until a terrible enemy with an ancient power threatened the survival of the Elvish demesne including the world itself.I do have some gruff with this book because I never expected the series to end this way but I am glad that the first book's plot hole with the Elves is explained in this book. We get to see the close and moderately matured relationship between Drogos and Pia unlike in the first book where the flame of attraction blossomed between them. I do enjoy seeing both of them separated as I could see the characters were very much in love with each other and the scene when Drogos in his dragon-form saved Pia and the Elves from the magical fire because Drogos was so worried about Pia that he'd rather destroy his political relationship between the Elves was so... heart-wrenching and awesome.Thea had a thing with effective dialogues between the characters. It was so funny and engaging that I kept cracking up every few pages in this book. There are many things that weren't revealed in the book like the history of Drogos which was finally hinted at the end of the book and Pia's Wyr form which was still a secret to the world because Drogos was afraid of the consequences of what the revelation will be.However, despite being the ending of the book series, I do feel Pia and Drogos deserved another continuation. Preferably about their son. The excerpt at the end of the book doesn't seem so enticing to me but I have faith with Thea as a storyteller and I will wait for her subsequent books even if she didn't go back to the Elder Races series again.