Story of O - Pauline Réage, Sabine d'Estree Story of O was the Fifty Shades of Gray trend in late 90s or early 00s and its quite popular enough that I do know of the book eventhough I never try reading it before. While I can't barely read the badly written Fifty Shades, my experience with reading Story of O was more problematic due to prose and the writing style of the author. I know this book is old - more like 60 years old- so the writing is something that I have to get used to. But I never did. The story is about a Mary Sue-character called O, who was sent by her lover, Rene, to a chateau to be disciplined in the erotic arts of bondage with some unknown men and she did this for her lover's approval in her. Later, she was given to Rene's English friend, Sir Stephen as an ownership whom later the guy started to train her more.Frankly, the story sounds much nicer when summarized than read. I do know the book is written in French but the writing style is much more similar to literary fiction. I do notice this book is exceptionally well written for an erotica but like literary fiction, its just simply dull. And it is quite funny that I see this erotica fit more into literary fiction genre than in the genre itself.I have read Marquis de Sade books and that was far more disturbing than this book in term of extreme sadistic imagining. I have read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series and even that made me slightly curious about the lifestyle which I never actually get but I do understand it is something to do with the amount of control between the dom and the sub. And apparently while the author was so much trying to make her character mysterious and more, all it does was making her readers disconnected with her story.If you are curious about the Fifty Shades' trend, do try to read this book before you traumatize yourself by reading bad fanfiction. Because, technically this book is the Fifty Shades of its day.