Alice in Wonderland - Raven Gregory If adore Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll and a bit traditionalist, you'll be more likely to hate this book. And parents, if you saw your teenagers having a collection of this book, you should worry.If you read Alice in Wonderland, you'll notice that Lewis Carroll is very much a mathematical and literary genius he is. There's puzzle theory and randomness that was hard to imitate by anyone including Disney. Other than that, Lewis Carroll does carry some bit of facination to young female child as he was a friend to Alice Liddell, one of his inspiration for Alice. But it does not mean he's a pedophile, it means he had somewhat naive. Same goes to CS Lewis but that's another story.This graphic novel is possibly the polar oposite of what Alice in Wonderland is. Its a collection of the Alice in Wonderland graphic novel serials so if you haven't read the other books, you can be at lost with some of the plot where the writer 'advise' reader to read the other volumes related to this series. The story started with Alice being persuaded by her grandparents to go inside a large hole in a tree. There she fell and was caught by a Jabberwocky and became his possible sex slave until a white rabbit save her. Then she met with a ferocious Cheshire with very sharp teeth and wanted to eat everything including Alice. Soon she began to find Wonderland is much more cannibalistic sick and twisted than she could possibly imagine.Well, honestly, it is a good reading. I do enjoy the story. But in some context, I find the serials is more a perversion to 'Alice in Wonderland' as a derivative work.One of the main issue I was having was the voyeuristic way of Alice portrayal. I was enjoying the gore, the blood and the flesh being torn apart but what I don't get was; the constant bodice ripper from Alice to the Queens. Every one of them have C-cup and crotch shots and filled with sexualized female portrayal that was overdone. And it does look like cheap pornography to me, if you add sex scenes, it would be a complete.I know its intentional and probably 'harmless fun' for the readers. But I can't balance quality graphic with cheap publishing tactics to attract people with unrealistic female body fetishes. I really like the colourings and the story but the constant bombardment of bouncing anatomically-impossible and possibly suffocating boobs and buttocks doesn't do a thing to me. And it's just page wasting for me and distract the story. The story is complicated and the plot can be unreliable and sometimes chauvanistic. Yes, there are strong and bitchy female characters and some moral values in it. But I could hardly find fault in men's sexual gratification in any cases because its intended for the demographic and I shouldn't complain about it.But for curiousity reason, if you ever found this book or the image from this book, I would recommend it but I still think if Lewis Carroll is subtle with his naive girl fascination, this book is rather overdone by the whole sexual imagery which could work without because I really like the whole gore thing. And if the female HAVE to be all those one-and-quarter-naked and sexually-inviting, why couldn't the men be good looking and sexually-inviting too? Honestly, shoving half-naked girls on my face won't change the fact that I'm not attracted to it. Basically, all it does is losing the demographic of people like me who basically aren't turned on by constant boobs bombardment every couple pages more than the actual plot.The review copy is supplied by the publisher via Netgalley. The graphic novel will be published on Oct 23 2012 by Zenescope Entertainment.