The Complete Guide to Cooking Techniques - Norma MacMillan Its one of the book I like for my beginner western culinary class. Its full-coloured instructions with basic instructions and recipes side by side like if the recipe require you to do Hollandaise sauce, it teaches you at the left hand side while the recipe is on the right side.There's also some basic thing like vegetable cuttings, how to cut ribs, how to tie a chicken for roast or stuffing or making breast cut or fish fillet. I do enjoy the pictures that accompany with every action it shows.Anyone would call this book as picture book but to me, a good cook book that was intended to be instructional should require more than several pictures that show how it was done. Frankly, it does help me gauge whether my Hollandaise sauce look okay or not and help with plating because every one of it was professionally photographed as it should be.Its information packed and is good if you are learning basic culinary and is a beginner in western kitchen. However, if you want to learn the basic and more difficult recipes, I would suggest the Professional Cooking instead.