Forgiven  - Jana Oliver Recently, its hard to make a good reading of paranormal series about angels, demons and hunters without sounding like Supernatural. However, there's also a lot of books about that in the genre fiction and I haven't been watching CW's Supernatural ever since season 7's "Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters"'s episode so, I can't blame anyone trying to write these kinds of stories as I would like people to stop writing fanfiction of sparkling vampires.Forgiven is the third book in Jana Oliver's Demon Trapper series, a series about a girl named Riley Blackthorne who is the first female in a male-dominated world of Demon-trapping (essentially trapping demons in bottles and then sell them to the church). Trouble started from the first book with arch-demons trying to kill Riley and then one of them killed Riley's father leaving her an orphan and under the care of one of the Master Trapper, Harper and his apprentice, Simon who she had crush on and eventually they have a . There's also another guy, Beck, who is a journeyman trapper under Riley's father who had long crushed Riley heart but now acted like a big brother to her while hiding his feeling for her for something he did in the past. One day, Riley met with an Angel, Ori who gained her trust via saving her life so many times and while Riley being snubbed by Simon (even when she saved her life) and Beck (the moron), she fell into the arms of Ori who after a sexy back scene, revealed to be a Fallen angel and a servant of the Prince aka Lucifer. Lucifer raised the body of Riley's father and left Ori encase in a cold marble with only dawn would release his spell for a while before he turn to stone again. So the book started with her dead father became the undead and missing, her first lover turned to be a nightmarish seducer angel and her ex-boyfriend accusing her to consort with demons and let demon hunters chasing after her.That was the summary of the 3 earlier books. A lot of girls dislike the series because although there's some teenage insta-love but then the author crushed the insta-couplings before you can say Quidditch but people missed the point. The series is about a female demon trappers, so of course not everything have to be so easy for the characters. So boring. Honestly, every book in this series does solve its conflicts but open itself to others. Jana Oliver have a good author strategies to keep her readers interested (ehem.. the book four will be out this year too.. yay!) and as a serials, it would be a bad idea to write books in ways of Alyson Noel (in which I lost interest after 4th book despite BBW sale sells the hardbacks in bundle).Riley was deeply stressed in this book. After days trying to keep her father's body from necromancers, her father inevitably raised to the living without her consent and even when she found her zombied father, she felt more alone and more like a failure. However, luckily her relationship with the grandmaster and master trapper were strengthened since Riley was still underaged to be without a guardian - which Grandmaster Stewart (cool scottish old guy) kept her as his ward and Beck often come and help her despite their jealousy-derived hostility to one another As a continuation, book is fast paced, easy language, filled with blood and flesh and death to suit the older audience. I dont like book continuation that was too long apart that I lost sight of what it was before, luckily, I still remember some parts of the book from this one so it made it easy to read without depending on rereadings. However, like any serials, some parts of the book was resolved but for others subplots that it hinted remain deeply frustrating for readers like me. These days, why can't people do stand alone anymore? Besides, who doesn't zombie uber-demons?