The Iron Legends - Julie Kagawa Winter’s Passage and Summer’s CrossingWith “Winter’s Passage”, the story is set immediately after the epilogue of The Iron King and before The Iron Daughter, Meghan left her human family to fulfill her bargain with the Unseelie Queen Mab. She begged Ash to see her bestfriend, Puck who became deathly wounded in the fight at the climax of The Iron King. Through the journey to the Winter Court, her relationship with Ash somehow bloosomed between them even as they were stalked by a dark creature of the night.“Summer’s Crossing” is the novella right between The Iron Queen and The Iron Knight where the novella is written in Puck’s point of view. Meghan is absent in this part of the storyline because of her newly role as the Iron Queen. In this story, Ash had to fullfill his bargain with Queen Leanansidhe before he could be on his journey so that he could be together with Meghan in the poisonous Iron lands. Puck who is a loyal friend to Meghan was willing to be a companion to Ash and went along to the Dark Muse’s territory where they have to fetch a violin from Queen Titania. Without a choice, Ash had to depend on the help of Puck to infiltrate his enemy’s kingdom and retrieve Leanansidhe’s price.I had read these novellas last year while I was on Iron Fey marathon and on a second rereading, I didn’t quite feel the magic as I did before because these two books does need to be read with the major books in a flow. While the novellas are being published in book form, I do find its anti-climatic and repetetive since I had already finish all of the Iron Fey books. I don’t think the novella itself age well except for Summer’s Crossing since its quite a stand-alone book unlike Winter’s Crossing.Iron’s ProphecySet a couple of months after ‘The Iron Knight’, the story is the denoument and prequel to the new series starting with “The Lost Prince”. I was given and reviewed ‘The Lost Prince’ in ARC and truthfully, I am embracing this story as a supplement to the finale of Iron Fey series and not for “The Call of the Forgotten” series.In this novella which are set right after their marriage, Meghan and Ash were attending the Elysium – a meeting between the monarchs of the faerieland when an oracle brought an ill omen that effect the future of their lands. The prophecy consisted of what the role of her unborn child to the fate of the fairyland.Truthfully, I think my reading of “The Lost Prince” had a counter effect to this novella. Unlike the previous Iron Fey novellas which IS a must -read between the Iron Fey books (because the novella stories is like missing pieces between the storyline), the “Iron’s Prophecy” only connect the old characters in “The Lost Prince”.And most importantly, ‘The Lost Prince’ is only narrated by Ethan Chase. I felt the novella is quite unnecessary to the storyline since in The Lost Prince, most of the older character won’t appear until much later and they don’t tell anything significant to Ethan until later. Therefore, the information that I got from “Iron’s Prophecy” would have dulled my enjoyment of Ethan’s storyline since I would start to anticipate the older characters instead of new one.I hope that would make sense somehow.But despite my complaints, the story is fine on their own and I was reviewing as a rereading of the older stories, hence I was a bit more skeptical about it.The fourth part of the book is actually a comprehensive glossary on all of the characters in the Iron Fey stories, the terms and creatures in detail. Its a good read for fans who wanted to know more on their favourite characters or who wanted a quick recap of what happen in the last several novels.