Broken - Shiloh Walker Broken is a continuation of Fragile, a romance suspense adult thriller about Quinn Rafferty, a stone-cold and brooding ex-Ranger bounty hunter and with his new housemate, Sarah McElyea, a silent and unapproachable woman who is secretly running away from someone from her past. Despite being warned against it, he found himself deeply attracted to Sarah and started to get closer to her even when they were both still keeping their own secrets from one another. Without they knowing, a powerful and angry man is searching for his wife and he wouldn’t stop until he found what he’s looking for.Admittedly, I have some misgivings about the first part of the book since it does filled with sensuous explorations and romance and stuff. I enjoyed the tone in Fragile where the suspense is more prominent than the romance. I was ready to give up on this book until it started to pick up at the furthest part of the book when paranoia, fear and distrust between the main character.It is not a bad book by itself but after Fragile, I was looking forward to similar thriller experience instead of heavily romantic storyline. I like it better if romance and sex is taken a subtle pacing that allow the plot to flow through. However, if you are looking for things like bodice ripping and stuff, maybe this is the book for you. As for me, I was expecting more and got dissappointed. The earlier half of story is quite predictable boy-meets-girl and I don’t really see much of Quinn’s from the first book as in this one. In this book, he’s the personification of any other male protagonist in average romance novels that his twin brother, Luke has much better inner conflict than this one. Well, each to their own.